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Short Description

"A cake with moist layers using quality ingredients and with no preservatives to cater to someone with the dilemma to prefer chocolate over vanilla or the other.

Keeping that in mind, the cake is made with layers of Chocolate and Vanilla moist sponges sandwiched with smooth and melting Buttercream filling, a top side with few chocolate drops and strawberry fondant, and elegant finishing touch with molten cocoa and white chocolate."

Special birthday coming up? (Well, whose birthday ISN'T special?!) For those occasions when you're trying to please a crowd; or the recipient can't make up his/her mind about which flavor to choose, offer this impressive two-layer, chocolate, and vanilla cake. Our cakes are freshly baked to order from scratch using quality ingredients, and we pride ourselves on not using preservatives. The VANILLA CAKE contains 2-layers of sponge.

|| In order to keep it tasty, store the cake within 15 deg. Temperature. Leave it to stand at room temperature for 30 minutes before serving || Want to serve properly? Place the cake on a flat surface, and heat a long-bladed knife with warm water. Carefully dry the knife and slice in a vertical direction. Rotate the cake 90 deg. slice in a vertical direction to create wedge-shaped portions. Clean the knife blade between the slices.

Chocolate & Vanilla Moist Sponge, Butter Cream Filling, Chocolate


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